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Our Story


The sources of paper that NiBBANAH uses and becomes our paper products, come from where and how the papers are made with responsible and concern with the environment.

We use “ Saa Paper “ to most of our paper flower products. Saa paper is made from the old traditional way of how paper is made. The Saa paper has been made by hand in Northern of Thailand from the bark of the local Sa-tree. The bark and tree are soaked and pulped in the processing to become Saa paper. Our paper is very strong and durable from high fibre in paper texture.

Highlight of our handmade flowers is that they are created with very low energy power use in production line, the flowers can be reusable several times as long as kept away from moist and also it turns to our planet with no remain.


Our paper flowers are made by hand from village people in rural of Bangkok under the Thai government programme since 2001. The programme is to encourage people in rural not to rely only on agriculture but also learn and develop skills in handicraft products during out of agriculture season.

For production line, paper flower products are all designed by Australian, some are made and assembled here in Australia and for completed products are imported from Thailand. We also export our handmade products to other parts of the world market in Europe and US.

Love to design and create, there is another part of my greenery of FLEUR, is my FAUNA. i also create Artificial Terrarium garden since 2009 here in Melbourne Australia. With my designed of handmade mini animals and other miniatures have expanded to several themes and stories and lead me to create more layers in garden products with no under concepts of FLEUR & FAUNA.


Created by happiness with no limit of imaginations.

Enjoy! Anne @ NiBBANAH